Radical Man CD
Early 90's compilation
One unreleased song from 1997, six tracks that until now
were exclusively available as bonus tracks on long-out-of-print
reissues of the debut album, and a demo version of fan-favorite “Highway Corsair.”
Released 2024 on Nameless Grave Records (USA)
$13.00 USD

Radical Man Vinyl LP

Released 2024 Nameless Grave

$20.00 USD Same track listing as CD.

A Science Fiction Fantasy in the far future!
Concept album based on the 70's role playing game of the same name.
This is the story of a genetically engineered Vargr (half man/half dog)
and the conflict raised by the rejection of it's creator, Professor Ricketts.
An intergallactic space adventure set to heavy metal fireworks!

Released 2003 on Dragonheart (Italy)
$13.00 USD

Traveller Vinyl LP
20th Anniversary Traveller WHITE vinyl!
Limitted Edition of 300, numbered with sticker.
This one comes with custom insert only available here,
with foreward by Mike Scalzi.
Released 2022 Audioglobe/Dragonheart

$32.00 USD


The Bastard Double LP

The three-act heavy metal opera by Hammers of Misfortune.
Classic lineup of Mike Scalzi, John Cobbett, Janice Tanaka & Chewy Marzolo. Originally released in 2001, now available for the first time
on vinyl. New mastering by Justin Weis. Gatefold edition
featuring original artwork, unreleased pictures, 8-page booklet.
Gold and black splatter-colored vinyl and unique silkscreen on “D” side!
$35.00 USD

Turk St. Studios Covid Compilation

We have one cover song and one new song on this
compilation of bands who wrote & recorded music at
San Francisco's Turk St. Studios
during the 2020 COVID pandemic.
Click on image for list of bands.
Released 2020 on the Berrysausage label.
$10.00 USD

New Organon
The continuing soliloquy of
philosophical musings loosely based on
the 16th Century book by Francis Bacon.
Released 2019 on Cruz Del Sur Records

$12.00 USD

New Organon Vinyl LP
Black Vinyl w/ download card

Released 2019 Cruz Del Sur Records

$20.00 USD


New Organon Cassette
Cassette tape with 6 panel J-card sounds really good.
Limitted to 250 copies.
Released 2019 Witchcraft Records

$10.00 USD

New Organon single

Go out of your head with this 2018 release on our own label.
one new song, one cover song.
7" black vinyl, 45 RPM, full color sleeve, Berrysonic stereo production.

Released 2018 Berrysausage Productions (USA)
$8.00 USD

Digital Resistance
Join the Resistance!
Become an Analog Avenger now!
Artwork by Martin Hanford
Released 2014 on Metal Blade Records
This is the US jewel case version
Check back soon for other formats!
$12.00 USD


Digital Resistance Vinyl LP
Gatefold LP w/ poster
4 color schemes available in very
limited quantities.
Red splatter is sold out for now.
Released 2014 on Metal Blade Records

Laser Enforcer single
Release date: 5-July-2013
Primary Objective: total space domination
Target Description: 7" black vinyl, 45 RPM, full color sleeve
Artwork by Peter Elson
Released 2013 BSP (USA)
$7.00 USD


Lord Weird Slough Feg
The debut album, 45 RPM vinyl LP.
The way it was supposed to sound, finally on wax
Gatefold edition with original artwork.
Released 2012 on Cruz Del Sur (Italy)
$20.00 USD

Out of Stock, check back soon!

Made In Poland LIVE CD
Finally, the live show is captured on disc!
Recorded in Warsaw, Poland during our 2011 Summer Eurotour.
13 songs, 70+ minutes, no overdubs.
Full Color, 28 page tour booklet packed with pics from the
show, as well as an inspirational forward by Mike.

Released 2011 on Megadisc (Poland)
$14.00 USD

Made In Poland Vinyl Double LP
Gatefold double LP w/ 24-page
Full color booklet on heavy paper.
1 Red & 1 White, clear vinyl
representing the flag of Poland.

Released 2013 on Megadisc
$40.00 USD plus shipping

Animal Spirits CD
Raw. Primitive. Direct.
11 more songs to wrap your head around, including
'95 Thesis' & 'Free Market Barbarian'
Original art by our own Mike Scalzi.

Released 2010 on Profound Lore
$12.00 USD

Animal Spirits Vinyl LP
Nice black vinyl. Full color insert.
Re-mastered for vinyl sounds great at 33-1/3 rpm.

Released 2011 on Cruz Del Sur

The time of the ape has come!
heavy & epic. Including the hot single, 'Nasty Hero'.
Ape it Up and Shake It Down!
Original Ape art by Larry Luna.

Released 2009 on Cruz Del Sur (Italy)
$12.00 USD



Produced by Slough Feg & Justin Phelps.
Also on this CD is the Horselips cover, "Dearg Doom,"
and the Manilla Road cover, "Street Jammer."
Sure to impress your friends with artwork by James E. Lyle.

Released 2007 on Cruz Del Sur (Italy)
$12.00 USD


Atavism CD
Main Entry: at·a·vism
1 a : recurrence in an organism of a trait or character typical of
an ancestral form and usually due to genetic recombination

b : recurrence of or reversion to a past style, manner, outlook,
approach, or activity
2 : one that manifests atavism : THROWBACK

Released 2005 on Cruz Del Sur (Italy)
$12.00 USD
Available now, limited time.


Down Among The Deadmen CD
Twin guitar harmonies, lyrical themes ranging from history to fantasy,
bizarre stories of Celtic mythology.
A musical journey of 13 songs about warriors, trolls, caldrons, monsters,
kings and demons. Not to mention original artwork by Erol Otus.

Released 2000 on Dragonheart (Italy)
$13.00 USD

Twilight Of The Idols CD
Second full length record. Features the hits, Highlander and The Wickerman.

A head-first leap into the realms of high-flying, mead chugging fantasy and mythology; complete with deeply melodic, folk-tinged leads, barrel-fulls of galloping, chunky riffs that will get your head flailing in no time, and lyrics so cool that you'd think they came from a medieval folk bard traveling through time.

Released 1999 on Dragonheart Records (Italy)
$13.00 USD

The Slay Stack Grows 2-CD set
Early demos and live recordings. features the legendary White Tape Demo
from 1990, along with live recordings ranging from 1990 - 2002.
several unreleased songs and an interview with Mike from 2000.

Released 2008 on Shadow Kingdom Records (USA)
$12.00 USD