Slough Feg Radio S3 E1

Special Guest Rob Preston, early champion of Slough Feg, President of Doomed Planet Records

Spider Man – Bells of Doom

Paralex – White Lightning

Ngozi Family – House of Fear

Purification – Hadji Mrad

Blue Max – March of the Trolls

Thrust – Heavier than Hell

Ignighter – Metal Reign

Thin Lizzy – 1969 Rock

Circle Jerks – 15 Minutes

One reply on “Slough Feg Radio S3 E1”

Welcome back boys. Glad to hear your triumphant return in season 3. I honestly thought Slough Feg Radio was done, so this is a pleasant surprise. Thank you Rob Preston for choosing some killer deep cuts. I really enjoyed the Ngozi Family and the 1969 Rock track from Thin Lizzy. I couldn’t agree more about Eric Bell era Thin Lizzy. That stuff is the best and completely underrated. Once again thanks for bringing the podcast back.

Manly Metal 4 Life!

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