Slough Feg Radio S2 E5

Legend Bob Wright on the communicator

Falco – Männer des Westens

Henry Rollins – Crazy Lover

Henry Rollins – A Man and a Woman

TSOL – Sounds of Laughter

TSOL – Code Blue

NEW SEGMENT: Cold Call – Bob Wright

Hex – Wrath of the Reaper

The Complicators – Wake Up

Butt Problems – Chunk Style

Brocas Helm – Prepare for Battle

Kiss – Calling Doctor Love


Slough Feg Radio S2 E4

Barbarella – Fight in Flight

“Radical Disjunction”

Pretty Things – Sickle Clowns

Children of the Reptile – Starboy

Children of the Reptile – Four Weapons

The Human Condition – Pathways

Unsilenced – The Doorway

Vektor – Destroying the Cosmos