Slough Feg Radio S4E1

Synthesizing the Manifold

Microverses – Man or Astro Man
Into Battle – Brocas Helm
Love Me Shove Me – Hounds
Drugland Weekend – Hounds
Wayfaring Strangers – Travelin’
Burning a Center – Witchfinder General
Satan’s Children – Witchfinder General
The Fall – Wipers
Power In One – Wipers
The Oath – KISS
Mr. Blackwell – KISS
Drug Party 526 – G.B.H.

2 replies on “Slough Feg Radio S4E1”

FUCK YA! Glad to see ‘this thing of ours’ is still going.
Post-Punk was the word you were looking for I think? Actually just listened to another podcast called “No Dogs in Space” where they cover old punk and they were doing Joy Division.
That dip story was great. Embarrassing shit happens, whatever! I flew out to BC in November to see my favorite band and accidentally knocked some sense into singer when I, for some dumb reason, asked if I could see the setlist as I was doing it anyway. THEN when the bassist was heading to the stage I bugged him about merch. I’m still mortified!
Anyway, just wanted to share this totally awesome thing I found the day after that show:

Oh man, late to the show. I just randomly checked the webpage and there it was Season 4 Episode 1. Another triumph. : ) I listen to a few podcasts, and I know I’m already a fan, but Slough Feg radio is easily my favorite podcast. The deep cuts and the funny honest down to earth banter are the best. It really puts a smile on my face.

Still listening and still loving it. Slough Feg forever,


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