Slough Feg Radio S4E1

Synthesizing the Manifold

Microverses – Man or Astro Man
Into Battle – Brocas Helm
Love Me Shove Me – Hounds
Drugland Weekend – Hounds
Wayfaring Strangers – Travelin’
Burning a Center – Witchfinder General
Satan’s Children – Witchfinder General
The Fall – Wipers
Power In One – Wipers
The Oath – KISS
Mr. Blackwell – KISS
Drug Party 526 – G.B.H.


Slough Feg Radio S2 E5

Legend Bob Wright on the communicator

Falco – Männer des Westens

Henry Rollins – Crazy Lover

Henry Rollins – A Man and a Woman

TSOL – Sounds of Laughter

TSOL – Code Blue

NEW SEGMENT: Cold Call – Bob Wright

Hex – Wrath of the Reaper

The Complicators – Wake Up

Butt Problems – Chunk Style

Brocas Helm – Prepare for Battle

Kiss – Calling Doctor Love


Slough Feg Radio S2 E1

Season 2 World Premier

Charles Gerhardt National Philharmonic Orchestra – Theme from All This, and Heaven Too

Angelo’s Angels – I Don’t Believe It

Mickey Finn – Garden of My Mind

Paul Chain – Solitude Man

Bourbon Knights – Whip

Adam and the Ants – Press Darlings

Dr. Know – Watch It Burn

Lord Weird Slough Feg – Sword of Machiavelli

Luca Turilli

Scorpions – Hey You

Heavy Rock Name That Tune

Pagan Altar

Spiny Norman – Bell Park Loon

 Beowulf – Social Change


Slough Feg Radio S1 E18

Episode 18: Heavy Metal Unboxing

From Russia With Love – Opening Title

Uriah Heep – Easy Livin

Eddie & The Hot Rods – Life On The Line

 Good Rats – Takin it to Detroit

Quayde LaHüe – Give Me Your Love

Christian Mistress – Stronger Than Blood

Ice Trays – Where do they come from ?

Funerot – Last Blast

Luca Turilli – Ancient Forest of Elves

Nightlife in L.A.

Dead Kennedys – Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Dead Kennedys – Moral Majority

D.I. – Living in the USA


Slough Feg Radio S1 E10

Cassettes only episode. the return of the Tringali Tirade.


Slough Feg Radio S1 E9

Mike & Adrian playing records and telling stories. Rare tracks.


Slough Feg Radio S1 E1


Slough Feg Radio S1 E3

0:00 Slough Feg – Shadows of the Unborn
5:09 Hands of Goro – You have no Face!
7:33 Rush – Headlong Flight
23:55 Cold Mourning – Frostbit
29:10 Brocas Helm – Hell’s Whip
32:55 Gone – New Vengeance
43:04 GBH – Lords of Discipline
48:25 Triumph – 24 hours a day
53:10 Slough Feg – Digital Resistance (demo)
56:55 Hodad Resistance (demo w/commentary)
1:03:20 Alice Cooper – Halo Of Flies
1:11:32 Slade – Get Down Get With It (Live)
1:16:33 Bosse-de-Nage –
1:25:20 Allman Brothers –
1:39:22 Slough – Dearg Doom


Slough Feg Radio S1 E2

1:11 Slough Feg – Heavy Metal Rules (2004)
8:32 Skullview – Time for Violence
14:45 Powers Court – Lord Of Winds And Breezes
39:07 Skeletor – We Are The True
44:31 Flower Leperds – Sidewinder
46:42 Cozy Powell – Over the top
1:08:45 Roky Erickson – Creature with the atom brain
1:13:00 War of the Worlds
1:29:00 Hammers of Misfortune – Church Of Broken Glass