Slough Feg Radio S1 E19

Name That Tune, Heavy Metal Unboxing, Pro-vocative vs. E-vocative

Flash Gordon – the Lost Planet

German Hard Rock ??

Tragedy Divine – I Married A Witch

Death Dealer – Sorcerer Supreme

Vultures Vengeance – Fates Weaver

Saxon – Warrior

Cromwell – The Purple Worm

Khand – The Sorceress Queen

Hessian – I Wish I Was Dead

Hessian – Skull Ring

Gamma Ray – Guardians of Mankind

Project Driver – Nostradamus

Bible of the Devil – Can’t Turn Off The Sun


Slough Feg Radio S1 E18

Episode 18: Heavy Metal Unboxing

From Russia With Love – Opening Title

Uriah Heep – Easy Livin

Eddie & The Hot Rods – Life On The Line

 Good Rats – Takin it to Detroit

Quayde LaHüe – Give Me Your Love

Christian Mistress – Stronger Than Blood

Ice Trays – Where do they come from ?

Funerot – Last Blast

Luca Turilli – Ancient Forest of Elves

Nightlife in L.A.

Dead Kennedys – Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Dead Kennedys – Moral Majority

D.I. – Living in the USA