Slough Feg Radio S1 E18

Episode 18: Heavy Metal Unboxing

From Russia With Love – Opening Title

Uriah Heep – Easy Livin

Eddie & The Hot Rods – Life On The Line

 Good Rats – Takin it to Detroit

Quayde LaHüe – Give Me Your Love

Christian Mistress – Stronger Than Blood

Ice Trays – Where do they come from ?

Funerot – Last Blast

Luca Turilli – Ancient Forest of Elves

Nightlife in L.A.

Dead Kennedys – Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Dead Kennedys – Moral Majority

D.I. – Living in the USA


Slough Feg Radio S1 E17

Episode 17: The Draper Diaspora – Wank vs. Shred

Angel Witch – Baphomet

Pounder – Fuck Off & Die

Yngwie Malmsteen – Liar

Yngwie Malmsteen – Far Beyond the Sun

Spirit Adrift – Cosmic Conquest

Tanith – Citadel

Les Paul – Lover

Uli Roth – Cast Away Your Chains

Hawk – Tell The Truth

Brocas Helm – Black Death

Gygax – Light Bender

Steely Dan – Kid Charlemagne


Slough Feg Radio S1 E11

Epic Tales on Mike’s adventures in Safeway


Slough Feg Radio S1 E10

Cassettes only episode. the return of the Tringali Tirade.


Slough Feg Radio S1 E6

Mike & Adrian listening to records and telling stories

0:00 Slough Feg – Tactical Air War (2009 demo)
5:10 Harbinger – Drivers to hell
8:20 Brocas Helm – Metallic Fury
14:36 Wasted Talent – Not Anymore
17:24 But Problems – Nursing Home
19:26 Government Issue – Blending In
23:04 Johhny Thunders – Born to Lose
25:52 Sodom – Outbreak of Evil
37:30 Slough Feg – Death Machine (interesting record skipping version)
50:50 Slough Feg – Tactical Warfare (demo)
52:25 Gates of Slumber – The Judge
58:28 Special guest Linguine Kid From Montery Angelo Tringali
1:03:10 Budgie – Hot As A Docker’s Armpit
1:09:00 Dust – Love Me Hard
1:18:40 Slough Feg – That Woman’s Gonna Break Your Heart


Slough Feg Radio S1 E5