Slough Feg Radio S2 E1

Season 2 World Premier

Charles Gerhardt National Philharmonic Orchestra – Theme from All This, and Heaven Too

Angelo’s Angels – I Don’t Believe It

Mickey Finn – Garden of My Mind

Paul Chain – Solitude Man

Bourbon Knights – Whip

Adam and the Ants – Press Darlings

Dr. Know – Watch It Burn

Lord Weird Slough Feg – Sword of Machiavelli

Luca Turilli

Scorpions – Hey You

Heavy Rock Name That Tune

Pagan Altar

Spiny Norman – Bell Park Loon

 Beowulf – Social Change


Slough Feg Radio S1 E21

Season Finale featuring Greg Spalding from Bible of the Devil

Guy Lombardo & the Royal Canadians – Auld Lang Syne

Bible of the Devil – Ride Steel

Bible of the Devil – Ol Girl

Rainbow – Tarot Woman

High Spirits – When the Lights Go Down

Iron Maiden – Futureal

Name That Tune

Valkyrie – Running Out

Slough Feg – Sha La La

Bible Of The Devil – Galactic Violator

Lord Weird Slough Feg – Look Behind You

Slough Feg – Galactic Nomad

Alex Trebek Tribute