Slough Feg Radio S2 E1

Season 2 World Premier

Charles Gerhardt National Philharmonic Orchestra – Theme from All This, and Heaven Too

Angelo’s Angels – I Don’t Believe It

Mickey Finn – Garden of My Mind

Paul Chain – Solitude Man

Bourbon Knights – Whip

Adam and the Ants – Press Darlings

Dr. Know – Watch It Burn

Lord Weird Slough Feg – Sword of Machiavelli

Luca Turilli

Scorpions – Hey You

Heavy Rock Name That Tune

Pagan Altar

Spiny Norman – Bell Park Loon

 Beowulf – Social Change

5 replies on “Slough Feg Radio S2 E1”

Season 2!!!!! I am so glad you guys are back. I loved hearing Angelo in studio. I feel Angelo has forgotten more music than I will ever know. As always, you played a fantastic selection of tunes. My music knowledge grows with every new episode. I could not be more excited for this season.
The Lone Ranger Theme song comes from Gioacchino Rossini: William Tell Overture (I had to look this up). The part most people are familiar with from the Lone Ranger and Bugs Bunny cartoons is near the end of the Overture. Check it out here:

Take care fellas,


PS Adrian – Thank you for reminding everyone to talk into the microphone : )

Spencer beat me to it, yeah it’s the William Tell Overture. Also, I file Alice Cooper under “A” up until Welcome To My Nightmare, then with that one they get filed under “C”. Because the earlier, pre-1975 albums are by the Alice Cooper Band not Alice Cooper solo. What I’m trying to say is, another great/hilarious episode!

With regards to the origin of the name Spiny Norman, yes it was from a British comedy and as I think I heard one of you say, it was from Monty Python. Spiny Norman was as giant hedgehog which a character called Dinsdale Piranha used to hallucinations of. And there’s another metal band connection here because if was part of a sketch documentary was called Ethel The Frog, which was also the name of a NWOBHM band.

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