Slough Feg Radio S1 E15

Episode 15

Galaxy’s Edge soundtrack

Blizzard of Ozz – S.A.T.O.

Heavy Metal Unboxing

Zuül – Dragon Lady

Harbinger – Iron Rulers

Bible of the Devil – Valhalla Holla

Winterhawk – Dark Daze

Book of All Known Metal Bands

SuperChrist – Black Thunder

Metal USAfer – Heavy Metal Hammer

Rush – One Little Victory

Ironsword – Tales of Negative Existance

Slough Feg – Traders & Gunboats LIVE

2 replies on “Slough Feg Radio S1 E15”

So, I did some research and the acronym S.A.T.O from Diary of a Madman means:

Scalzi. Ate. The. Obelisk.

Who knew?

You guys mentioned Mark Hoffman. Do you know if he out of music or if he’s in another band? I would love to know if he is involved in another project.

Thanks for another cool episode, take care,


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