Slough Feg Radio S1 E20

Episode 20-Special Guest J Allan Horrocks

Artie Shaw – Nightmare

Good Thunder – For A Breath

Iron Dog – Dragon Chord

Name that UK psyche song

Bourbon Knights – Männer mit Bärten

Scott Walker – Next

DEVO – Auto Modown

Nasal Sex

Nocturnal Rights – The Ring of Steel

Blinking Lights – Psycho

Lord Weird Slough Feg – Bi-Polar Disorder

King Diamond – No Presents for Christmas

Wally Cox – What a Crazy Guy

5 replies on “Slough Feg Radio S1 E20”

Great episode! So much fun to listen to. Allan Horrocks was a very cool guest, and I will be checking out his podcast on Gimme Radio.

According to my father-in-law, who was a wine cooler connoisseur, wine cooler’s dipped in popularity because they stopped making them with wine. Apparently, wine coolers used to be made with actual wine then somewhere along the line they switched the recipe and started making them as a malt liqueur, which they still do today. Now that they are not made with wine the taste kind of sucks making wine coolers no more than glorified Mad Dog 20/20 which in turn led to their decline in popularity.

Zima on the other hand has always been malt liquor. I have never had the Zima Gold, but here in New Jersey where I live, we used to put Jolly Ranchers in the Zima for a little extra flavor. Try that if you want to add a little Jersey flare to your Zima. If they even, make that shit anymore.
Lastly my before mentioned father-in-law lives in PA and next time, we visit him I will make a conscious effort to get some scrapple, which to this point I have avoided in life.

Happy New Year to all the Feg Heads out there, existence is our only crime!

Take Care,


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